Simulation Systems

Our specialty are motion and maintenance simulation systems that are realistic, fully interactive and implementable to your existing simulation hardware (or computer machine designed by us). Thanks to ready to implement components we have developed during years in simulation industry we are faster, cheaper and more accurate no matter what industry you represent.

Our process is painless and you get proven solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs. We can start from scratch or work on your existing product without any breaks in deliveries (we work parallel to your main process and stay compatible). Let us know what your needs are and we will show you details that will lead us to amazing results. If it is not enough – all of our systems are VR ready out of the box.

CGI System

We can boost your CGI system alone too. Working on your basic simulation system we can upgrade your graphics to modern standards in any choosen game engine (e.g. Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine or Unigine). All of our product will be ready to use in VR environment.

Adding new graphical system is complex process but we can do it without harm for you business. Implementation of our solutions crafted for your needs runs simultaneously with your normal business process. When you are ready you just switch to new graphical engine which is compatible with your main system engine. Our graphic system covers features like: dynamic time of day, weather and seasons, static and flowing water, traffic system, collision system and more.

Virtual Environments and 3D Assets

You already have your simulation system ready and need new places, locations or complex 3D models that match your technology? Simteract is ready to prepare for you geo-typical to geo-specific 3D scenes based on GIS data or your brief instructions. We create animation ready 3D models as well with high quality textures and optimized for specific engine.

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