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About us

Get to know us

We started in 2014 as a software house specialized in training simulations. We have created professional simulators, such as a train driver simulator for US trainees. We have used that as the basis for our current business, gaining knowledge about simulations and obtaining the technological proficiency needed to work with real data.

Since 2018 our main focus is creating games. We employ specialists with gaming experience, and our team is now over 60 people strong. In everyday work we are using modern equipment, and utilizing our original technologies to find breakthroughs in efficiency. Our genre focus is premium simulation games, and as of 2021 our company has joined the stock market.

  • Experience

    Since 2014 we have been working with simulations, adding our game development team in 2018, and most recently, in 2021, having our company listed on the stock market.

  • Team

    For us, the people are what matters – our team consists of over 60 specialists who are great on their own and even better working together.

  • Games

    Our niche is premium simulation games – we are creating them for both PC and consoles. Simulations are embedded in Simteract’s DNA since the very beginning.

  • Technologies

    Traffic AI™ and City Generator are only a few examples of our original technologies. We put great emphasis on automation – from game to game we can more.


Who are we looking for?

We are a team of over 60 specialists. Hybrid work is our way to go – the biggest part of our team is stationed in Cracow, but we also have offices in Lublin, Warsaw and Rzeszow. We also have absolutely no problem with remote work from any place in the world.

For our projects we are using efficient methologies like Scrum or Kanban, adjusted for work in gaming. We are also very good at time managing – we count our team’s work speed in story points, and big milestones are divided into smaller, easier achievable goals. People are the most important to us – we value work-life balance and avoid crunch at all costs!



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