Patches for you…patches for everyone!

Hello Drivers!
Welcome to our latest Dev Blog! It’s been a month now that Taxi Life was release. What a ride!
Of course, we’ve had our challenges, accomplishments and also some misfires. We’re particularly satisfied by the positive feedback we’ve received since our first patches. From the moment our game launched, we’ve been committed to delivering an experience everyone can enjoy by fixing some issues and adding some of your ideas.


You can see that we’re adding more PC-compatible models of driving wheels. We have a solution to add the possibility to play with many models by adding custom binding menu, where you could set the controls on your device as you see fit.

We’re also continuing to improve AI and fix some bugs. And as you can see, we would like to add some of your requests. We’re going to add a good chunk of it in this patch. Many of you have asked to be able to change the FOV or have more radio stations. It will be possible in the next patch!


Patch 4 will be an interesting one. We’re going to be giving the player options on customizing the world that they are playing in by allowing the player to adjust sliders to customize traffic and events spawning in the city. This could be useful for players that want to modify their experience when playing Taxi Life allowing them to play how they want. Which at the end of the day, that is up to the player.

We heard players also mention things about the positioning of the camera when in FPP. Sort of like when you are in an actual car, how can you adjust the seat to go back and forth or up and down? Yeah. That’s something that we’re going to be aiming for here with this one.

And of course, we can’t forget the further improvements for steering wheel support regarding models and bug fixes as well.


Patch 5 will for sure be something that a lot of people will be happy about. Although, we did notice a lot of people saying on socials that Patch 5 should’ve been patch 1. And to be honest, we wish we were able to do that for the community. But adding the steering wheel support on console takes a lot of time, so it’s no an easy task! It’s going to take us a bit longer to implement this. That doesn’t mean it’s not a priority, just that it takes time.

As always, we’re taking your feedback and looking for ways to implement them into Taxi Life. So no worries, your voices are being heard and we’re working hard.

We’re doing a livestream on Monday April 15th, 2024 on our official Twitch channel. and we’re going to be talking about these patch notes, taking in some Q&A from the community and maybe playing the game a little bit with the community and have a good time.

Thanks so much for being part of this amazing community, drivers. You can expect more from Simteract in the coming days/weeks. Stay tuned!

Ens veiem a Barcelona,

Simteract Community Manager