New tutorial, new vehicle and more!

Hello Drivers!
We’re back again with another exciting update on our progress with the development of the game! As we continue to fine-tune and enhance the gameplay, we’re thrilled to share some of the new features and improvements we’ve been working on. So, let’s get into the latest updates:

Driving Model Fixes
We’ve made substantial improvements to our driving model. Our team has been working hard on refining the physics and tweaking the handling to ensure that the driving experience is as immersive and responsive as possible. We believe you’ll enjoy the nuanced and authentic feel of driving mechanics when you get behind the wheel.

New Vehicle Alert
WE’ve added a new vehicle into Taxi Life. It’s sleek, it’s fast, and it’s all set to bring an extra dose of thrill to your driving experience. We can’t wait for you to discover and drive this new addition to our vehicle lineup! But remember, always follow the rules of the road in and outside of Taxi Life

AI Improvements
Our AI has also received a significant upgrade. The aim here isn’t just about upping the challenge, but also about making the game world feel more dynamic and alive. With smarter traffic patterns and more lifelike pedestrian behavior, we’re striving to create a rich and immersive urban environment for you to navigate.

New Voice Overs
We added new voice overs for the passangers as well as the new tutorial guide. We hope you’ll enjoy them when you get your hands on the game and let us know what your thoughts are on what you hear in the video below.

Tutorial Update
Tutorials are crucial to any simulation game and that’s why we’ve added a new tutorial to guide newcomers through the game mechanics. It’s currently in the polishing stage, and we’re making sure it’s as helpful and comprehensive as possible. We’ll be sharing more information on the status of the tutortial in the coming days/weeks.

Thank you!
As always, we’re very greatful for the feedback you all have been giving us throughout this time. Keep the comments and feedback coming and remember Taxi Life is coming at the end of 2023 so make sure to wishlist if you haven’t already. Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from the Simteract team, please join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.


There have been some people asking about livestreams. We’ve had a bit of a break on streams, but we’re coming back with more live content for you all very soon. Stay tuned!

Hasta La Proxima,

Simteract Community Manager