We put reality into digital worlds!

We create premium indie simulation games. We are working on simulation games and professional simulation systems used, for example, to train intelligent cars.
Thanks to the experience of our team, its know-how, and technology developed over the years, we have facilities that allow us to produce games at a level that is difficult to achieve for less experienced developers.
Our ambition is to be associated with the premium indie simulation segment in the global gaming market.

✔️ Experience in programming in Rust, C, C ++, Haskell, or similar to any of the above.
✔️ Knowledge of mathematics at a level sufficient to understand 3D graphics (matrices, vectors).
✔️ The ability to search for information and solve new problems.
✔️ Independence and the ability to make decisions.
✔️ Attention to quality, both at the code and overall UX level.

✔️ Creating functions for our traffic simulation library using the Rust language, which is used in a game based on Unreal Engine 4.
✔️ Cooperation with teams of programmers and game designers.

Join us to get:
✔️ Permanent agreement, B2B or maybe specified-task contract?- choose the best option for you.

💲 Permanent contract: regular from 5 000 to 8 400 zł/gross, senior: from 9 200 to 12 500 zł/gross.

💲 B2B: from 6 000 to 10 000 zł/net, senior: from 11 000 to 15 000 zł/net.

✔️ No matter which type of contract you choose- we quarantee 20 paid days off.
✔️ Development budget. 
✔️ Private medical care.
✔️ Flexible working hours- you can manage your work in your own way.
✔️ Remote work, cozy office or both?- it’s up to you!
✔️ Satisfaction supported by real success in the world of commercial games.
✔️ A lot of fun! (◕‿◕✿)

Please apply through the following link:

Rust/C++ Developer (traffit.com)