Traffic AI™

Intelligent traffic external library ready
to be connected to your project via API

Independent System

Traffic AI is an advanced system that can be connected to your project with an intuitive API. It can be handled on a stand-alone machine for advanced city simulation or run on the same machine as your simulation system.

Multiplatform Integration

Traffic AI works with a wide variety of modern game and simulation engines: Unity, Unigine, Unreal, Cryengine, and VBS. It is also compatible with most proprietary engines as well. Our experienced technical team is there every step of the way to provide full integration.

Intuitive Customization

Instead of scripting one vehicle at a time, you can simply set the simulation options in a user-friendly console which allows you to populate an entire environment with intelligent vehicles. You can add specific actions (i.e. accident or traffic light failure) as well.

Intelligent Agent Behavior

Our mathematical model of traffic behaviour is based on intelligent algorithms. Our agents behave like real-life drivers and allow you to customize their performance on many levels. Your game or simulation can achieve a whole new level of realism.

Traffic AI

Traffic AI is an external library ready to be connected to your project. Our experienced team is there every step of the way to assist with integration. We communicate with your engine using our API, process navmesh information from your virtual world for our agents, add parameters for trainer options, compute an AI simulation, and provide agent location and behavior information to your system using an API. Main features of Traffic AI:

  • Three types of vehicles: passenger cars, two-wheeled vehicles, and emergency vehicles
  • Dynamic Intelligence: changing lines, overtaking, smart turning, and avoiding collisions
  • Variety of options: number of agents, driving variance level, and forbidden areas
  • Scenario configuration allows you to set the specified training action
  • Intuitive trainer console for setting simulation conditions
  • Reporting and analysis tools for evaluation of training

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