Simulations are embedded in our DNA since the very beginning

In 2014, we started as a software house specializing in training simulations. In our history, we have worked on train, helicopter and ship simulator projects. We also create dedicated solutions using our original technologies – such as a virtual environment for testing and training intelligent cars based on Traffic AI™ and City Generator.

We specialize in realistic, fully interactive training systems which can be integrated with equipment of choice (e.g. cabins, controllers, virtual reality) or software. Thanks to ready-to-implement components that we have developed over the years of working in the simulation industry, we are faster and more accurate than our competition.

Our production process is trouble-free and has been proven in large commercial projects. We can develop a solution from scratch or connect it with your existing product. We work using efficient project management methodologies, so we are sure the delivered solutions will meet your requirements to the smallest detail.

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