Greetings Drivers!

We’re back again with another Developer Blog for you all today and we’re going to be covering things that we talked about in last nights livestream which you can check out by clicking here as well as some thing that we didn’t cover yet such as improvements with the AI, implementing the new car wash in our build and much more. So, with that out of the way, let’s dive right in!

The Garage

The Garage has been reworked several times during the process of development in pre-alpha. At one point, we had to completely remove it from the building to start from scratch. Now, it’s nicely taking shape and players can now choose the type of vehicle they want to buy and sell, with some stats to the side showing the efficiency and power of the vehicle they’re buying, as well as the type of vehicle, automatic or manual transmission and so on. We still have to work out for some tweeks, but overall it’s looking pretty good so far. Let us know what you think!

The Car Wash

Cars in Taxi Life will get dirty. That’s a fact and players will be able to wash their vehicles now using the in-game carwash feature that will help keep the cleanliness factor high and the customers coming into your vehicle happy. We don’t have anything to show right now of the car wash itself (more info on that soon) but for now, please enjoy this dirty vehicle.

AI Improvements

We were finally able to add drivers inside of AI vehicles! Now that the cars have some life in them, we were able to improve the AI so they drive more dynamic as well as turn on there headlights at night. Further down the line we will be adding more improvements to the AI to make the experience driving in Barcelona as close to the real thing as possible.

Collision Detection

We added a new sound to help notify players when they are nearing an object. This will help when backing up when in first person mode alongside with the rear-view camera. Of course, this will be further improved upon as we work out the kinks. Right now – it’s sort of detecting collisions everywhere and we don’t want to distract drivers that much!

The Menu

It might not be much, but we were able to finally improve the games menu a little bit. We added a new loading screen (that is subject to change) as well as interactable options for the player to make adjustments.

New Types of Steering Wheels

We added the possibility to use more steering wheels in Taxi Life as this will allow players to add a broader variety of steering wheels while playing Taxi Life too not only be restricted to one type. More info on this soon as we develop the game and head into alpha and beta versions.

That’s all folks!

First and foremost we wanted to thank the community for being with us throughout this development process. We are heading closer and closer to getting out of pre-alpha and into a full alpha version of the game. We will be looking for volunteers to help us test in the future before full release, so please make sure you join our Discord and follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest developments from our team. On that note, we wish you all farewell and until next time!

Hasta La Proxima,

Simteract Community Manager