Hello drivers!

It’s been a while buy we’re finally back with another Developer Blog for Taxi Life! With Gamescom in early September as well as the release of our other game Train Life, it’s been hectic! But we’re getting back in the flow of things with keeping you guys updated on the development process of Taxi Life.

The last Developer Blog we sent was way back in July! With the name change of the game already in full swing, we have a lot to talk about in todays blog regarding updates and changes to the current build for Taxi Life. So, lets get into it!

Shake, shake, shake that camera!

Now, every time you crash into something, the camera will shake, giving you that feeling that you hit something. When you damage your vehicle, you should experience some wobbles when your in FPP mode in the cabin of the car notifying you that you should probably start thinking about visiting a repair shop.

3 new camera modes

We added 3 new camera modes to our new vehicle models and that’s in FPP (dashboard), FPP (Hood) as well as a complete FPP where you are on the bumper of the car. This should give players some good options to explore the streets of Barcelona in which ever perspective they want.

Random Events

We added random events into the streets that will have impact on your gameplay. For example, there could be a car that is broken down on the side of the road and this causes the traffic to become heavier. Better make sure you don’t pick up a passenger that’s in a rush!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage of this saved, but when I dig around, I will be sure to show you guys on our socials and Discord!

2 New unlicensed vehicles

Over the past 2 months or so, we added 2 new unlicensed vehicles. The van is going to be electric, where you will have to go to a charging station instead of a gas station. Looks futuristic, don’t ya think? Which one is your favorite?

The Pedestrians, they can cross the street now!

So, for a long time, the pedestrians in Taxi Life didn’t know how to cross the street. Maybe it was because they were scared or didn’t have a hand to hold on to. But now, after lots of therapy and the pedestrians will now cross the street impacting the gameplay of the player. No, you can’t run them over. Yes, you need to wait for them to cross if you don’t want to get a penalty.

That’s all we got, for now…

We hoped you enjoyed this edition of our Developer Blog and make sure to follow us in all the places and deepest crevices of social media as well as join our official Discord channel!

Until next time!

Simteract Community Manager