Hello Drivers!

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Taxi Life Developer blog! We’re going to be talking about some back-end stuff like the map, pedestrians as well as some changes in the 1st car model. By the way – in case you missed last Monday’s stream, we talked about all these things with our Lead Game Designer and producer! Check the stream out here.

Before we get into the details of this blog, please remember that you should take everything that we’re working on with a grain of salt as everything could be subject to change and iterated upon when the game fully releases at the end of next year. With that out of the way – lets get into it!

The Map

We added some map filters where players will be able to see a lot of details such as speed cameras, places of road accidents or roadworks as well as landmarks found throughout Barcelona. You can also create your own custom route by placing multiple points on the map so you can efficiently plan your next trip.


Now, this may sound like a trivial feature to add into our game, but oh boy did we have to fight with this beast to make it work properly. This honestly took us a few months to get down correctly but once we got it, we knew we were headed in the right direction. There is still some kinks to work out here and there and if you noticed on the last live stream we did showcasing this, the pedestrians looked like something from the Walking Dead show (we did this on purpose to show you guys just in time for Halloween) but the animations and all that jazz will be getting a facelift in the future so no worries, you wont be getting attacked by zombies in Taxi Life.

Car 1 – The White One

We added a whole new list of features when it comes to the first cars cabin. Everything ranging from a back-up camera, emergency lights, the cabin light as well as 3 new camera modes that will help with the immersion of driving a car in the big city. More features for the other 2 models of cars you have seen in the past will be added soon and you can bet we will let you guys know when that happens!

The Radial Menu

The Radial menu is going to complement the player when driving around the city of Barcelona. You will be able to do things like quickly and efficiently open the window upon your client’s request, turn on the AC or explore the other functions the vehicle has to offer.


Thanks to all of the current and future supporters of Taxi life! We believe in this project just as much as you do and with all the support we’ve been getting throughout our livestreams and social media posts – it gives us the motivation to bring you guys a driving simulation game that you all will play for years to come.

Make sure to follow us on all the things and until next time, MikeyShines, signing out!

Simteract Community Manager